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Vision Board Planning Workshop

Are you looking to elevate your business and personal goals?


Are you ready to level up and reach your goals?

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In-person Workshop and Networking Session:

Date: Friday, January 26, 2024

Time: 6 pm to 9 pm

Location: Mogul Life Business Center, 22777 Harper Ave, Suite 207, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 

Activities: Vision Board Workshop to identify and visualize your goals with other like-minded individuals, networking with entrepreneurs, authors, and industry leaders

Perfect for: individuals empowered to set meaningful goals, visualize a better future, prioritize self-growth, discover purpose, dream big, and take inspired action toward creating a crystal-clear vision for their future through a unique and immersive experience


Benefits: walk away with a clear vision of where you want to go and how to get there, and make valuable connections with other professionals in your field

Join us for practical workshops, networking opportunities, and the chance to create a clear vision of your future success.

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The Vision Board and 2024 First Quarter Planning Workshop are NOT for:

  • Those who are satisfied with their current level of success and have no desire for growth and innovation.

  • Individuals unwilling to invest time, energy, and resources into personal and professional development.

  • People who do not believe in setting goals and creating a plan to achieve them.

  • Those who resist change and prefer to stick to their comfort zone.

  • Individuals not interested in networking and connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs and authors.

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Take advantage of this incredible opportunity!


Jump-start your business planning and walk away with a clear vision of where you want to go, how to get there, and make valuable connections.

Space is limited. Register now and secure your spot for the Entrepreneur and Authors Vision Board and 2024 Q1 planning Workshop!! We can't wait to see you there.

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